Care companion
Comunicare connects the patient with his care givers.

One platform, several interfaces


The platform aggregates information from the hospital to the patient and collects the patient reported outcomes.

Comunicare's main innovation is the personalization of patient information according to his dedicated care pathway and it enables a smart interaction between the patient and his care givers.


Mobile application

The mobile application informs the patient about his care pathway, facilitates his therapeutic adhesion and the communication of outcomes to the medical team. The application provides access to various items of information :

  • A personalized timeline summarizing the treatment steps and care activities
  • Practical knowledge on the therapy
  • Didactic video clips
  • Description of possible side effects and recommendations

Care givers


Comunicare collects many patients data, both physical and emotional parameters and symptoms, in order to help care givers prevent potential risk situations.

A dashboard is provided to the care givers in order to access and monitor the patient reported outcomes.


Patient's relatives (informal care givers) and other health professionals may also be involved in the treatment process. The mobile application is versatile and allows the patient to share some information with his entourage. Thanks to the national health hubs, other care providers may also access specific data shared by the patient.

The application adresses the monitoring of chronic diseases. The platform is enhanced with new pathologies as it is further developed.


Heart failure


Comunicare at the Digiself2018 Symposium in Bern


Comunicare, the digital « Care Companion »  was present at the Digiself2018 Symposium held on February 8th 2018 in Bern (Switzerland).

During this symposium, various speakers underlined the importance of the digital tools such as Comunicare to enable patient reported outcomes in clinical follow-up and research, but also to improve patient implication and self-efficacy. Thanks to a better management of side effects and symptoms, these tools help to improve the quality of treatments and increase survival rates in cancer therapy.

“Comunicare : a solution that reinstates the patient at the heart of his treatment”

Le journal du médecin, March 2017.

Comunicare is a project developed by the company Xelink on the initiative of Alfred Attipoe, informal care giver, with the support of the University Hospital of Liège. The project aims to develop an mobile application and a platform for the communicationn between patients and care givers in the context of chronic diseases, such as cancer as a first use case.

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Comunicare was introduced to King Philippe during a roundtable on the digital transition

RTBF, May 2017.

For the two-hundredth anniversary of the arrival of John Cockerill and of the establishment of CMI (Cockerill Maintenance et Ingénierie) Group in Seraing, King Philippe visited a commemorative exhibition on Cockerill’s industrial saga and chaired a roundtable panel on the digital transition of Belgian industry. On this occasion, Alfred Attipoe had the opportunity present Comunicare to King Philippe, as a demonstration of one example of the digital transition in the region of Liège.


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“One Hour Challenge”

La Libre Belgique, 17/11/2017

Every week, La Libre Belgique (a Belgian newspaper) introduces two Belgian startups having been involved in a session of the “One Hour Challenge”. Portrait of Comunicare, and feedbacks of a professional coach (Ben Piquard, CEO of LeanSquare, or Roald Sieberath, “venture partner” at LeanSquare) and of a BNP Paribas Fortis’s expert (Benjamin Vasseur, Innovation Hubs Advisor – bank for entrepreneurs) are published.

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